Rip Curl

Gear up for your surf adventures with Rip Curl, the leading brand for high-performance wetsuits, surf accessories, board shorts, and rash vests. Designed with surfers in mind, Rip Curl offers a wide range of top-quality wetsuits that provide unmatched flexibility, warmth, and durability.

Stay comfortable and stylish with our selection of wetsuits and rash vests, crafted with quick-drying materials and featuring innovative designs. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Rip Curl has everything you need to make the most of your watersports experience.


When it comes to wetsuits, C-Skins is a brand that stands out. Offering a wide range of innovative and technologically advanced wetsuits, C-Skins is a trusted name among watersports enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a surfer or swimmer, C-Skins wetsuits provide exceptional comfort, flexibility, and durability to enhance your performance in the water. Designed with premium materials and cutting-edge features, C-Skins wetsuits deliver optimal insulation and protection against the elements.


Oneill are true pioneers of the wetsuit world, founded in 1952 by Jack O’neill the inventor of the modern neoprene wetsuit. From this Oneill wetsuits have grown worldwide continuously finding innovative and mind bending wetsuit technology giving them the edge over other wetsuit manufacturers.

Through relentless in-water testing and refinement they truly believe that when you buy Oneill, you buy the best. Their entry level wetsuits offer great features at an affordable price such as 100% ultraflex and double super seal neck. All of which are available in our store in various sizes for men, woman and children.

Choosing your First Wetsuit

When deciding on a wetsuit you need to consider How long do you want to spend in the water? What is your tolerance of the cold water? What time of year do you want to use it. Answer these questions and you should be on your way to picking out the correct Wetsuit. It sounds obvious but the more you pay for a wetsuit the warmer and more flexible they become. If you feel the cold more than most, think about investing in a slightly more expensive Wetsuit £100-£200 or if you only go in the water once a year in the summer, an entry level wetsuit around £100 would be absolutely fine.

The sea temperature changes quite considerably throughout the year. On a cold winters day the sea can get down to around 7 Degrees Centigrade and on a warm summers day it can reach up to 18 Degrees Centigrade. A general rule of thumb is that a good Blindstitched 3/2mm Wetsuit will be suitable from May to October and a 5/4mm or 4/3mm Wetsuit will see you through most winters. Shorty Wetsuits work well in the height of summer July/August or if you’re just chilling or playing on the beach or water.

How do wetsuits work?

With today’s technology you can stay warm in the coldest of conditions. We now have more freedom than ever, and movement is no longer restricted like the old wetsuits of yesteryear. Your Wetsuit is made up of panels of Neoprene. This rubbery compound insulates you from the cold water outside. Wetsuits are not designed to keep you entirely dry. A small amount of water gets trapped between your body and the neoprene. Your body temperature then heats up this small amount of water giving you a nice warm feeling. This is why finding the correct fitting Wetsuit is absolutely essential.